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"It's my personal understanding that given the right kind of encouragement we can all sing! Singing is not learned, it's a gift we're given. Sometimes that gift may get suppressed through bad teaching or discouraging words. My job is to give you the keys to unlock the song within you."
Cleveland Watkiss

Cleveland offers Workshops and Master Classes in Vocal Improvisation for people of all ages and all stages: beginners, intermediate and advanced, featuring:


  • Introduction - usually with a short live performance

  • Cleveland Watkiss philosophy of  singing

  • Different ways to warm up

  • Discussion on posture, breathing, projection

  • Ear training

  • Songs and Structures - ways in which to generate melody and lyrical ideas

  • Techniques for unlocking and freeing the voice

  • Group improvisation

  • Composing techniques, solo voice singing.

  • Diet and health for singers

  • Learning how to control nerves



The Stardust People Choir is a Jazz improvising choir led by vocal master Cleveland Watkiss. It is a perfect place to unlock inhibitions and inspire the latent creativity that lies within us all. The Watkiss Workshops are legendary because of his commitment to sharing his great skill and artistry in the community with the conviction that "everyone has a voice and something to contribute".


Tuesdays, 7-9 pm @ World Heart Beat Academy

58 Kimber Road, London, SW18 4PP


For more information, please contact Sahana Gero (Director) on:

Phone: +44 (0) 20 8870 3042


Arts Council funded, with original material by Julian Joseph



"We learn from Science today, that ALL things are; Vibrations, of varying Frequencies."